Welcome to ChillOut@Cosford

Welcome to CHILLOUT @ COSFORD!The perfect place for gatherings and chill out with friends, colleagues and family, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, our customers are just like our family. Even the way we speak to you will be casual because we hope to provide you a cosy place where you feel at home. And of course, during your stay here, we want you to enjoy and have fun. 

Hence our values: Fun, Family, Homely

Catch Up, Drink Up, Have Fun!
  • Sing to your hearts out at our Karaoke Lounge. Speak to our ChillOut Crew for availability and reservations.
  • Play a game of billiards (located outside our Karaoke Lounge).
  • Catch the ‘live’ screening of BPL matches with a drink in hand at our alfresco area/bar 
  • Hang out with your friends for a round of Board / Card Games! 
  • Take a stroll and immerse in the historical charm of the Johor Battery in our ChillOut premise – a large cannon replica, a bunker and a mini museum room, located between our ChillOut carpark and alfresco bar. Bring a flashlight if you intend explore this rustic green surrounding in the night.

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